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2020-21 Donors

  • Principal Society: Benefactor $5,000+

    Amgen Foundation
    Charmaine and Adrian Banky
    Community Foundation of New Jersey
    Daniel Flores*
    Connie Hagelin*
    George and Toula Haralampoudis*
    Greg and Patricia Haralampoudis*
    Bernard Kuelker and Tanya Seaward*
    Henry Luce Foundation
    McGuinn Family Foundation
    Hector Mislavsky and Judy Martinez*
    Morristown Festival of Books
    Presbyterian Church in Morristown
    Project Graduation - Morristown High School
    John and Kim Pistner*
    Warren and Ann Rhines*
    Daniel and Deborah Sontupe*
    Fred and Sang Sporer*
    Andrew and Susan Steinberg
    Kerry and Julian Steinberg
    Robert B. Steinberg
    Christian and Christina Wetherbee*
    Ilene Wolff*
    Robert and Diana Wong

  • Principal Society: Partner $2,500-$4,999

    George and Michele Becker*
    Jeanine and Frank Crippen
    Frank and Kay Failla*
    Richard and Caroline Godfrey*
    Jon and Deborah Sebiri
    Melanie and Alan Smith
    Melissa and Marc Spiotta*
    Allison and Chris Wilson

  • Principal Society: Champion $1,000-$2,499

    AT&T Pioneers
    Bank of America
    Mary Bentzlin
    Steve Bliss and Judith Sacks
    Donna Boles
    William and Amanda Boyadjis*
    Geoffrey and Crary Brooks*
    Patricia Chiarell
    Thomas and Kristen Cunningham
    Thomas and Kristen Ferrara
    CVS Health Charity Program
    Charles and Jeanne Frost
    Jean B. Galbraith
    Mary Goldhirsch
    Scot and Kirsten Hadley
    Greg and Patricia Haralampoudis*
    Kirsten Hotchkiss
    Tom Humbert and Kathleen Kalaher*
    Kate and Wayne Johnson
    Kevin and Ann Johnson
    Johnson & Johnson Foundation
    Mark and Lynn Livingston
    Thomas Marinaccio
    The Merck Foundation
    Molly Hess and Liam Mulcahy
    Mechelle and Darilyn Olidge-Evans
    Stewart Pollock
    Ricky's Compass
    Daniel and Mary Reidy*
    Debra Sandler
    Michael and Molly Servais*
    David and Elizabeth Sparacino*
    Troopers United Foundation
    Wendy Vissar and Michael Slackman
    Katherine and Joseph Vizzini*
    John and Rachelle Voltaggio*
    Kendra Williams
    Emily Wolper

  • Principal Society: Ambassador $500-$999

    Jim and Carol Allison*
    K Marshall and Alice Yuan Bain*
    Rajat Bannerji and Rachna Gupta
    Marisa and Pete Barron
    John Caplan and Stacey Borow
    Helen and Young Rok Chang
    Scott and Janine Chilson*
    Robert Davies
    Shannon and Daniel Falkner
    Marva and Leonard Friday
    Scott and Maiken Gehsmann*
    George and Tobi Goldman*
    Paula Gottesman
    Russell and Virginia Hawkins*
    Michael and Carolyn Hession
    George Manahan
    Christine and Matt Messina*
    Kathleen O'Malley and Michael Shaffer
    Tara Olivo-Moore
    Edward Pikus and Lisa Pollak
    Amanda and Christopher Plummer
    Robyn and Douglas Rahn*
    Sanofi Foundation
    Louis Smith and Andrea Kitzis*
    Veeva Community Impact Fund
    Marjorie Vogelbaum
    Jonathan B. Wiley
    James and Margaret Wong
    Patrick Yip and Leslie Chang*
    Kathryn Zawacke*

  • Teacher Circle: Patron $250-$499

    Alfred Vail School Staff
    Alpha Kappa Alpha - Pi Theta Omega Chapter
    Fabian Barch, II
    William Barrett and Tracey Goodson*
    Sue and Jim Bauer
    Susan and Andrew Beavis
    Tymara Berry and John Delatush
    Caren and Michael Bianco
    Rick Bye and Debbie McComber
    John and Alexandra Cafaro
    Carmagnola & Ritardi, LLC
    Hart and Sue Coven
    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Morristown Alumnae Chapter
    Mary Ellen DeNoon
    Tim and Robin Devaney*
    Michelle and Steven Douenias*
    Maureen Dujardin
    TJ and Natalin Emmer
    Gary and Elizabeth Fisch*
    Brian Flynn
    Marjorie and John Flynn
    Robin Glantz
    Ian and Tracy Hassan*
    Steven and Nancy Helterman*
    Peter and Marcia Hunter*
    George Jenkins
    Julie and Daniel Ligorner
    Robert E. Lyons
    Jennifer Mantini
    Jody Marcus and Ken Chin*
    Alison Carter Marlow
    Anne and George McDonald*
    Jean and Stephen McGoldrick
    Greg and Carolyn McLain
    Saul Meyerowitz
    John Mruz and Christine Osvald*
    Valerie and Joe Murray
    Kirsten and Stephen Neville
    Michael and Maryanne Novello
    Anthony and Elisabeth Olivo*
    Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
    Michael and Virginia Rich
    Erica and Jack Rivetti*
    Sue and Andreas Rotsides
    Sheila and Daniel Saklad
    Deirdre Schmitt
    Thomas Schweikhart*
    Rose Schweikhart
    Mark Stein and Naomi Miller*
    Jennifer and Stephen Tooley
    Marc Turner
    Glenn Waldorf*
    Todd and Michelle Watson
    Carol Wetherbee*

  • Teacher Circle: Supporter $100-$249

    Jennifer Adkins*
    Beth Austin-DeFares
    Carole and Brian Bahor
    Daniel and Carol Barkin
    Margaret and John Barnicle
    Richard and Connie Batherman
    Jean Beeck
    Tim and Robyn Beh
    Kathy and Jim Bellias
    Robert and Nancy Berns*
    Sharon Bertram
    Grace Beston
    Jeffrey and Hallie Beyer*
    Somindra Bhattacharya
    Garth Birch
    David and Laura Bolson
    Wendy and Richard Bongo
    Monica Boswell
    Robert and Amy Bozza*
    Donna Brady
    Jennifer Breiner
    Robert and Debra Broseker
    Sanderal S. Brown
    Susan Buchanan-Leone*
    Joseph Buczek
    Joyce and Richard Burdette
    Jeff Burdge
    Jacob and Marcy Cahill
    Robert and Christine Calafati
    Jane Cannici
    Sherrie and Robert Carr
    Dolores H. Carter
    Caitlin Castillo
    Charles and Lesley Cattano
    Kyungsoo Cha
    James and Cynthia Chiariello*
    Guido and Kathy Cipriani
    Gregory and Ursula Clay
    Katie and Yemi Cole
    Colgate Palmolive
    Joseph and Carole Connor
    Gary and Beverly Cook*
    John Creamer and Jeanne Longo*
    Elaine and Frank Crippen
    Elihu Davidson and Sheira Greenwald
    Flora DeGeorge
    Jeffrey and Rebecca Dickinson
    Lissa Dohl
    Kara Douma*
    Lewis Downs
    Marceline Duffill
    Keith and Carolyn Eriksen
    Kerri Lee Lee Farrell*
    Angela Finlay
    Cory and Sharon Fischer*
    Kathleen and Stefan Forsell
    Jennifer and Tom Frantz
    Jordan and Dana Fried
    James and Joan Galbraith*
    Michael and Julie Gallucci
    Charles and Sandy Gibson*
    Andrew Gleichmann and Cynthia Moline*
    Todd Goldberg
    Yvonne and Ryan Gorman
    Alexandra Granville
    Kathleen Hall*
    Julia Hall
    Ian and Kristen Hamilton
    Kelly Harte*
    Brett Harvey
    Russ Heitzman
    Greg and Kathy Heher
    Regis and Katherine Henckler
    Barbara Soo Hoo and Marvin L. Adler
    Brian Hoogerwerf
    Ann and Mark Horan
    Francis Hwang-Nesbit
    Kathleen Hyland
    Arlene Inglis*
    Simone Jackson
    Jacobs Levy Equity Management
    Karen Jones-Williams*
    Lance and Wendy Kadushin
    Julia Kanowitz
    Christine and Franz Keller
    Ann Kent
    Barbara and Roy Kirch
    Kevin Krause
    Bryan and Stacey Lang*
    Paul and Katharine Laud
    Joyce Lawrence
    Heidi Lebel
    Fred and Cindi Levin
    Russ and Nancy Lia
    Arleen Lipsman
    Megan and Patrick Lucignani
    Virginia Lyttle
    Megan MacMillan
    Mary L. Maher
    Kent and Peter Manahan
    Mark and Kerry Manning*
    Amy Manobianca
    Kristina Manzo
    Kevin and Karen McAllister*
    Patrick and Ilana McGuinn
    Barbara and Kevin McNally*
    Andrea and Walter Michalski
    Nicholas Mihalakakos and Dimitra Drakotou*
    Carly Minerowicz
    Nancy and Aron Minken
    Charles Mohs and Beatriz Bueno*
    Eoin and Margaret Monahan
    Morristown High School Class of 1966 Reunion Committee
    Sally Muscarella
    Joseph and Jane Myers
    NAACP - The Morris County Branch
    Kenneth Newman
    Mike and Kathy Nicolai
    Tyler Norton
    Chona Ora
    Colleen and Tom Osborne
    Luma Oweos
    Pam and Sam Pagano
    Alan and Joann Painter
    Peter Palmer
    Susan and Jason Pedalino
    Laurie and Mike Pepitone
    Kathy Perri
    Elissa Phelan
    Carol and Eugene Podeszwa
    Claudine Priola*
    Wendy Redding
    Daniel and Mary Reidy*
    Susanne and Michael Warech
    Karen Reuther*
    David Reyda
    Stuart N. Rice
    Don and Judy Richards
    Nicole Richardson*
    Jennifer Rocco
    Julie Rodgers
    Kevin Rooney*
    Jill Ryan
    Steven and Sandra Scheer*
    Stacey and Bill Schlosser
    Beth Schreiber
    David Scott
    Jack and Melissa Sefah*
    Patrice F. Servidea
    Michele and Stephen Shaffer
    Thomas and Kelly Shea
    Mary and William Sinnott
    Fredric and Joan Sirota*
    Per and Camilla Sivertsson
    Doris and Howard Smith
    James Sonneborn
    Leslie Sprout*
    Dan and Cara Sroka
    Greg Sumski
    Heather and Brian Tahan*
    Chenoa Taitt Goncalves
    Usarin and Ehab Thabit
    Alvin Thompson and Lesley Morgan-Thompson
    Fred Thomsen
    Rich and Bevin Tierney*
    Amy and Jack Tobin
    William and Carol Tribus
    Nicole Tulli*
    Margaret Tuzzeo
    Nathan Umbriac*
    Dawn and Michael Vail
    Frank and Carolyn Vallario
    Marco Vargas*
    Mary Beth Vatcher
    Michael and Kim Venedam
    Verizon Foundation
    Susan Weissman and David Winkelried
    Deborah and Scott Wild*
    Royce and Doug Wintz
    Lisa Witlen
    Susan Wong
    Annie and Hai Yang
    Hiumui Yeung
    Jian Zabalerio
    Kathryn Zawacke

  • Friends to $99

    Debee and Richard Abbate
    Brynn Abrahamsen*
    Rishi Agarwal
    Katherine and Ernest Agnos
    Antonietta B. Alberto
    Eugene and Lisa Alexander
    Alexander Hamilton Sunshine Club
    Kelli Allen
    Rhonda and Peter Allen
    Ellen Anapolle
    Elizabeth and Charles Annis
    Terri and Bill Anroman
    John Anzul
    Lisa Archambeau
    Columbia Bank Westwood Branch Team
    Jennifer Avers
    Sandra Bailey
    Christina and Philip Barter
    Mary and James Bassano
    Mark and Deborah Bender
    James Bickelhaupt
    Patricia Bing
    Leanne Blair
    Michelle Blanco
    Anna Bocchino
    Jill Bocina
    Brian Bonanno
    Bonita and Thomas Bongo
    Jim Boothby*
    Richard and Carol Bourland
    Paige Boyadjis
    Lisa Brennan
    Sebastian Brennan
    Maryellen Briscoe
    Vinroy Brown
    Kimberly Bruno*
    Paul Buccino*
    Anthony M. Bucco
    Daina Budris
    Dina and Kevin Burns
    Susan Burris
    Matthew and Kristen Byrne
    Jacob and Marcy Cahill*
    Robert and Christine Calafati
    Nick and Nancy Capezzuto
    Raymond Caprio
    Betiana Caprioli*
    Christopher and Jennifer Carcich
    Maria Carlozzi
    Matthew Carmel*
    Nicole Carolan
    Ralph Carroll
    Christine Casale
    Brenda Castelli
    Richard and Jackie Catania
    Jessica and Eric Chang
    Wendy Chang*
    Ethan Chase
    Sam and Bernice Ching
    Lauren Chowdhury
    Patrick and Suzanne Christel
    Carla Cipriani
    Mark and Rona Cohen*
    Cheryl Berek Cohen*
    Bill Cole
    Erin Colfax*
    Bill Connolly
    Cliff and Rebecca Corcoran
    Susan Cortley
    Jennifer Critelli*
    Stacey Crowley
    Stephanie Crowley
    David and Rachael Curnow
    Marianna D'Elia*
    Kelly Dabinett*
    Mary Damiano
    Laura Danielsen
    Dwayne Davis
    Janet Davis
    Norma Davis
    Louis DeLeon
    Jay Delaney and Debra Gottsleben*
    Ali DeLargy
    David DellaPelle
    Gwenn and Anthony DellaPelle
    Karen and Joe DeRosa
    Janis DeVito
    Paul and Cristin DeVries
    Maryellen DiCataldo*
    Ariel Ditzel and Ross Soares
    Ian and Barbara Donegan
    Cydelle Donnelly
    Meghan Doody
    Gordon Drewery*
    Victoria Dunn
    Ben Edwards
    Christine Eisenberg
    Maha Elashri
    Beth Elkis
    Priscilla and Michael Elms
    Jeff Emge
    Susan Ezell
    Kristie Falconer
    Deirdre Falk*
    Rita S. Fand
    Scott and Susan Farbman
    Tracey Fascia
    Josh Feldman
    Judi and Marc Feldman
    Linda Felix
    Mercy Ferrer
    Cory and Sharon Fischer
    Marlin Fix
    Edward and Heidi Fleischman*
    Alison Fleischman
    Carol Fleming
    Thomas Fletcher
    Artie and Kim Flinn
    Cecelia Folmar
    Toshiba Foster
    Kristi R. France
    Heather and Rob Fraser
    Najeeah Freeman
    Steven and Amy Gardberg
    Cheryl and David Garfinkel
    Jack Garzon
    Greg and Nadine Genrich
    Julie Ann Geraghty
    Loriann Giardina
    Tatiana Gilbert
    Beth Gillespie*
    Stacey Goetz
    Jake Goldberg
    Deborah Golub
    Mirian Gonzales
    Consuela and Angelo Gonzalez
    Susan and Robert Goodwin
    Helen Goudelis and Michael Vogas
    Patrick and Heidi Griffee*
    Christine Grilli
    Anne Grimes
    Todd and Lynn Gutkin
    Marcie Guzman
    Nick Hall
    Paola Hall*
    Stacey Harris
    Linnea Hasegawa and Robert Aung
    Klaus and Christine Hasenbein
    Nikki Helmer
    Michael and Kerry Hershberger
    Anne Marie Hinrichs
    Jennifer and Michael Hornyak
    Bruce Hubbard and Kristen Borg
    Melody Iffland
    Jean Jabbour
    Mikal Jackson*
    Robert Jacobs
    Lisa and David Jacobson
    Allison Janosy
    Julia Jenkins
    Melissa Johnson
    Rochelle Jones
    Fatima Jones-Collins
    Eileen Karasiewicz
    Glen and Artemis Karlsons
    Kathleen Keller
    Columbia Bank Fair Lawn
    Thomas and Katherine Kelly
    Olivia Kennedy
    Alex and Susan Kevis
    Brian Kievning*
    Kristine King
    Mariel Kolker
    Melissa A. Krickus
    Edward and Leanne Lake
    Paul and Katharine Laud
    John and Mary Ellen Lavin
    Molly and Rodney Lawrence*
    Michael Leavy
    Robert and Debbie Leon
    Kelly LeRoy
    Christopher and Ellen Letta
    Angela Lewis
    Anthony Lewis-Lahey*
    Michael Lockman*
    Nina Lolli
    Melanie LoVerde
    William and Jean Marie Mainente*
    Stella Maletos
    Katie Manahan
    Amy Manobianca
    Sherri Marks
    Cheryl Masud
    Anita McAndrew*
    Brynn McAndrew
    Caroline and John McCarus
    Sharon McDonald*
    Kayleigh McDonnell
    Kimberly McNamara
    Vincent Meli and Gayle Shepardson
    Joanna Mertz
    Linda and Barry Miller
    Ellie Miller
    Theresa Milow
    Robert and Joellen Mitchell
    Maria Mobus
    Lisa Montgomery
    Bridget and Michael Murphy
    Robert Murray
    Melanie Murtha
    Colin Myers
    Barbara Sue Nadolny
    Jim Namiotka
    Katherine Nidermaier
    Brian and Nancy O'Donnell*
    Lisbeth Olaivar
    Julie and Tom Olivo
    Caroline Opondo*
    Christine O'Rourke
    Ricky Osborne*
    Elizabeth Ostendorp
    Melissa Pappollo
    Veronica Pardo
    Kelly Patten*
    Douglas and Dayana Peck
    Jennifer Pencinger*
    Deborah Petrillo-Spencer
    Steven Petros
    Pat and Karen Petruzzi
    Todd Pierro
    John and Kim Pistner
    Caroline Record and Todd Pitcher*
    Diane Polise
    Brian and Cora Porter
    Bradd Powell*
    Jodi Powers
    Amy Provus
    Jessica and Paul Raiz
    Rolando and Sheryl Ramirez*
    Carole Rawding and Eileen Riddle
    Joseph Rempson and Denise Morey
    Osvaldo Reyes
    Amanda Rice
    Robert and Jennifer Richtarek
    Stacey Riggert
    Christopher Riley
    Charles and Noel Robinson
    Vivian Rodriguez
    Monica Rogich
    Tricia Rosenkilde
    Catherine Rosenthal
    Thomas Ross and Kerrie Bellisario
    Nicole Rosso
    Marla and Joseph Runsdorf
    Robert Russell*
    Linda Ruta
    Frank and Tracey Saia
    Teddie Salas*
    Christopher and Maria Samms
    Michelle Sanders*
    Mary Lou Scalera*
    Christopher and Eileen Scanlan
    Scott Schlosser
    Warren and Roberta Schneider
    Christine Schneider
    Robert J. Schwartz
    Peter Sciaino
    Barbara K. Sebiri*
    Jeremy Sebiri
    Richard and Karen Sekunda
    Ufuk Sement
    Steven and Erin Semple
    Ann and Bill Servais
    Anne K Shaffer
    Thomas and Kelly Shea*
    Don and Lynn Siebert
    Ana Sierra
    Matthew Silverstein
    Peter and Kristen Singagliese
    Rich and Sandy Siverson
    Karalee and Patrick Smith
    Cherie Ann Smith*
    Jennifer Smith
    Kristen Snaguski
    Phyllis and Allan Solden
    Patti Spiegel*
    Kristen Spinola
    Linda Steele
    Jill Stein-Collins
    Ellen Stoloff
    John Strano
    Kimberle and Charles Strasser*
    Kristin and Jeff Stuek
    Patricia Sutton*
    Monica Tate*
    Usarin and Ehab Thabit
    Bethany Thomas
    Dorota Thomas*
    Uta Totton
    Sarah Tremallo-Garcia
    Allison Unger
    Maureen and Paul Vagnini
    Julie Vagnini
    Scott and Suzie Vail
    Michele Van Sciver
    Sujani Vasudevan
    Zambetoula Vazaios
    Uray Vazquez*
    Venkateswar Vedula*
    Michelle Vena*
    Victor and Michelle Vena*
    Patricia Vera
    Maria Vila Vila Chavez*
    Robert and Nancy Perry Voll*
    Carla Walker
    Paul Walter
    Ellish Warren
    Patti Webster
    Thomas P. Welsh
    Debra Welter
    Roger and Roberta Wetherbee*
    Catherine Wilcox-Avalos
    Robert and Jennifer Willette
    Teresa Williams
    Jessica Williams
    Stacey and Michael Williamson
    John and Joyce Wilson
    Gary and Marcia Windt
    Amanda Wolff
    Ron Cortez and Rosemarie Yancosek*
    Annie and Hai Yang
    Josh Yarnis
    Debra Yeager
    Jodi Yoser
    Anna Grace Yurek
    Sally Zhao
    Judith Zucker

  • Matching Gift Organizations

    BNY Mellon Community Partnership
    Google Community Impact Fund
    Microsoft Community Impact Fund
    New York Life
    Novartis US Foundation
    Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
    Prudential Community Impact Fund
    PSEG Power Of Giving Campaign
    T-Mobile Community Impact Fund
    Veeva Community Impact Fund

  • In Memory of Vincent Butler

    Dolores H. Carter
    Alison Carter Marlow

  • In Honor of Rosa Cataldo

    Christopher Riley

  • In Honor of Briana Falconer

    Margaret and John Barnicle

  • In Honor of Ellen Feldman

    Judith Zucker

  • In Memory of Patricia A. Felix

    Kevin and Karen McAllister

  • In Honor of Joyce Levenson

    Peter Palmer

  • In Honor of Judy Martinez's Birthday

    Rhonda and Peter Allen
    Beth Austin-DeFares
    Carole and Brian Bahor
    Tim and Robyn Beh
    James Bickelhaupt
    David and Laura Bolson
    John and Alexandra Cafaro
    Charles and Lesley Cattano
    Susan Cortley
    Stephanie Crowley
    Dwayne Davis
    Gwenn and Anthony DellaPelle
    David DellaPelle
    Maha Elashri
    Greg and Nadine Genrich
    Ann and Mark Horan
    Julia Jenkins
    Diane Polise
    Claudine Priola
    Robert J. Schwartz
    David Scott
    James Sonneborn
    John Strano

  • In Honor of Kim Pistner

    Fred and Cindi Levin

  • In Honor of Kim Pistner and the MEF Staff

    Mary Goldhirsch

  • In Memory of Barbara G. Preziosi

    Regis and Katherine Henckler
    Kathryn Zawacke

  • In Memory of Alison Schweikhart

    Rose Schweikhart

  • In Memory of Bill Servais

    John and Kim Pistner
    Doris and Howard Smith
    Daniel and Deborah Sontupe
    Chris and Chrissie Wetherbee

  • In Honor of Owen and Conor Vagnini

    Maureen and Paul Vagnini

  • In Honor of Chrissie Wetherbee

    Roger and Roberta Wetherbee

2021 Morristown ONSTAGE Sponsors

  • Education Champion Headline Sponsors

    Morristown Medical Center

  • Luxury Raffle Sponsor

    Beyer Family Automotive Group

  • Show Sponsor

    Kristen and Tom Cunningham
    Modera 55/44
    Red Clover
    Steven H. Wolff, Esqs.

  • Prize Sponsor

    Provident Bank

  • Audition Sponsor

    Morristown Animal Hospital

  • Community Sponsors

    Michele and George Becker
    Duff & Phelps
    JCP&L/ First Energy Foundation
    Adriana and Aaron Sanandres

  • Colonial Nation Sponsors

    The Croonquist Group of Janney Montgomery Scott
    Jeanne and Joe Goryeb
    Joe Longo

  • Talent Sponsors

    Beinhaker & Beinhaker
    BMW of Morristown
    The Crawford Home Selling Team, Keller Williams
    Fusion Academy
    Golden Bagel Runners
    Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen
    Hillary and Richard Lindner
    Match Nonprofit Consulting
    Mayo Performing Arts Center
    New York Red Bulls
    Randolph Dental
    Melanie and Alan Smith
    Melissa and Marc Spiotta
    Toyota of Morristown
    Katherine and Joe Vizzini
    Christine and Chris Volinsky
    Chrissie and Chris Wetherbee
    Marcie and Glenn Yarnis

  • Gold Benefactors

    Louise Murray and Thomas Hoffman
    Lisa and David Welsh

  • Benefactors

    Alison and Kevin Barber
    Hallie and Jeffrey Beyer
    Bushes Landscape Design
    Priscilla and Michael Elms
    Julie and Ed Friedman
    Mary Goldhirsch
    Patty and Greg Haralampoudis
    Gloria and Kevin Long
    Karen and Kevin McAllister
    Barbara and Kevin McNally
    Cathy and Ken Oettinger
    Kim and John Pistner
    Ann and Warren Rhines
    Tanya Seaward and Bernard Kuelker
    David Singer, DDS
    Allison and Chris Wilson

* Colonial Society Members: recognizes consistent annual giving to the MEF for five or more years.

The Morris Educational Foundation (MEF) thanks our generous donors. This list includes donors who supported the MEF during our last fiscal year between 7/1/2020 and 6/30/2021 only. Giving categories represent contributions to our Friends, Teacher Tributes, and Senior Signs Campaigns and to our Scholarships. Tributes and Morristown ONSTAGE Sponsorships are also recognized. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy of our listings. Please notify us of mistakes or misspellings so we may correct them for future publications. Gifts of any amount to the MEF are welcomed and appreciated—we are grateful for your support. The MEF can be reached at or (973) 683-0767.