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William Darell Johnson "Let's Get It Going!" Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

Funded by: Islin Johnson & The Family of Wayne Johnson






This scholarship was established in memory of William “Darell” Johnson (Morristown High School Class of 1994), a beloved father, son, brother, friend and colleague.  He was a well-known friendly face in Morristown and at Morristown High School where he worked in the Guidance Office for 8 years of his 22 years in the Morris School District. Darell always had a smile on his face and greeted people with kindness and enthusiasm.  This scholarship celebrates Darell who was an unending cheerleader for our students and high school. He had a positive impact on so many others and valued camaraderie in all facets of his life. His rally call “Let’s get it going!” could be heard on the sidelines of athletic fields from the time he was a child through his time with his own children. He wanted others to succeed and through this award, his legacy will continue to inspire success in others.


The scholarship is open to all students that possess the attribute of camaraderie; something Darell displayed throughout his life. Students must show their team spirit by playing a sport each year of high school and their altruism by participating in community service. The scholarship must be used to pay tuition at a trade school, two or four-year college, or university. Financial need is preferred.

To be considered for this scholarship, the Morristown High School senior must:

  • Submit a complete MEF Common Scholarship Application online
  • Apply to or have been accepted by a trade school, two or four-year college
  • Demonstrate participation in a sport all four years of high school.
  • Demonstrate community service

Application Requirements:

  • MEF Common Scholarship Application with a current transcript
  • Complete the Financial Information Supplement
  • Complete the following Supplemental Essays (300 words or less each):
    • What does it mean to serve a purpose that is greater than yourself?
    • How do you see yourself serving out such a purpose in your goals?
  • Provide two letters of recommendation that address why we should select this student for this scholarship. 
    • One letter from a guidance counselor or teacher
    • One letter from a community service supervisor, coach, mentor, or clergy member

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