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Fred Sporer Scholarship - $2,000






In memory of Fred Sporer, the Sporer Family has established the Fred Sporer Scholarship to honor the life of a man dedicated to his family, friends and community and who cared deeply about lifelong learning.  This scholarship is created in the hope of helping a Morristown High School student, who wants to further their education, but does not have the financial resources to do so.  Fred left this earth too early, but left an impression on all who knew him.  Possessing a brilliant mind that could discuss world history, economics and world religions, he was also down to earth enough to discuss pop culture, country music and home repairs.  He grew up around the world and often attributed these experiences with his ability to understand the importance of walking in another person’s shoes.


This scholarship will be open to all students who are first-generation college students and have financial need.  The scholarship must be used to pay tuition at an accredited 2 or 4- year college or university. 

To be considered for this scholarship, the Morristown High School senior must:

  • Submit a complete MEF Common Scholarship Application online
  • Have a minimum weighted GPA of 3.0
  • Apply to or have been accepted by an accredited 2 or 4-year college or university
  • Demonstrate financial need (financial need is preferred, but not required)

Application Requirements:

  • MEF Common Scholarship Application with current transcript
  • Financial Information Application Supplement
  • Complete the following Supplemental Essay (300 words):
    • Why is attending college important to you?
  • Provide a letter of recommendation that addresses why this student should be chosen for this scholarship – from either his/her guidance counselor or a teacher/faculty member.

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