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Coach Gil Shaffer Scholarship - $1,000






The Shaffer Family established this in memory of Coach Shaffer to encourage young athletes (both male and female) to pursue a larger purpose for their future and to ensure commitment to the community where they live and work.  Coach Shaffer was a beloved teacher and Coach at Morristown High School, as well as a teacher and Vice Principal at Frelinghuysen Middle School.  Coach Shaffer and many of his fellow coaches made a commitment to Morristown High School to mentor young athletes into a role of responsibility and education.  Coach Shaffer assisted many young students with their college applications and essays to ensure they were mentored through the college application process.  All he asked in return was that these students understood the importance of education and assumed a role of mentor, wherever their future took them.  Coach Shaffer was constantly being recognized in Morristown and Morris County, and many of his previous students and athletes had the opportunity to tell him that he changed their lives for the better.  Even after retirement, Coach Shaffer was always officiating at Morristown High School for football, wrestling, softball, baseball, and track and field.


This scholarship is open to all students who participate in a sport.  Regardless of whether it is a four-year college, a two-year college, a trade school, or a culinary school – if there is a demonstrated financial need, this scholarship will be used to pay tuition and/or expenses.

To be considered for this scholarship, the Morristown High School senior must:

  • Submit a complete MEF Common Scholarship Application online
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.85
  • Apply to or have been accepted to an accredited school or college as indicated above
  • Demonstrate financial need or assistance
  • Demonstrate their participation and/or leadership in a sport; and
  • Demonstrate that their hard work and commitment was an asset to the team and a benefit for themselves personally


  • MEF Common Scholarship application with transcript
  • Financial Information Application Supplement and/or reason for financial support.
  • An essay (300-500 words) that answers the following question:
    • Participating in a sport at MHS made me a better student and person because…
  • Provide two letters of recommendations that address the student’s commitment and/or intestinal fortitude to a sport/team.  A recommendation from a coach and guidance counselor/teacher is required.

**Please note that this athlete does not have to be the star athlete of the team; but the athlete who always showed up, always gave their all, and always did what was best for their team.  Someone who mentored a younger teammate is also very important.**

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